Sunday, February 13, 2011

GLEE's "Silly Love Songs" episode

In commemoration of St. Valentine (with a love bow and arrow), this episode of GLEE is about love, infidelity, loving someone who you can't get over with, love that's way TOO cheesy, loving someone without even considering his/her physical attributions, ASIAN love, love that makes you sing, and love of yourself. LOVE, LOVE, and... LOVE.

So, the episode started Puck staring at Lauren Zizes, staring like he's in love with Lauren. That's kinda cute because knowing Puckerman with his good looks and manly charms, he ends up madly in love with a Fat Bottom Girl, Lauren. <3 "You can't choose love, love chooses you." :)

And here's Finn. Argh! I hate him in this episode. He's kinda like self-conceited or something. Well, since the superbowl intricate went successful halftime performance that lead Quinn kissing Finn, he is certain to kiss Quinn again and feels that "Firework". He thinks he could kiss all the girls in the school except Quinn, so he set up a kissing booth to kiss Quinn. Well, they end up kissing with all the "pakipot" thing of Quinn.

Mike Chang <3 Tina and Brittany <3 Artie are the most lovable lovebirds in this episode. Artie serenades and Mike danced for them by the song  PYT (Pretty Young Thing), originally by Michael Jackson.

Then there's these single ladies:  Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana. "Sometimes you have to choose between love and talent," at least from what Mercedes said. True :)

Then the Dalton Warblers performed "Silly love songs", originally sung by the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, at Breadsticks...

And see you next episode! Happy Valentine's Day guys! :)

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