Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glee's Superbowl Halftime

Here it is! The most awaited episode (again) of GLEE! Well, after their last episode "A Very Glee Christmas", they had their season break! Gosh, my long wait is over!! :)

This episode titles "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle." This episode tells about uniting the Glee Club New Directions and McKinley High's Football Titans. Okay, so the feud between them started when glee club was established.  The football team thinks being in glee makes you gay or dumb or stupid. They pour glee members slushees (like 7-11's slurpee). or throw them to their lockers and stuff. But this time, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste agreed to have the two teams, united.

The Cheerios
The episode started with a 'BANG."  Literally. It was a hot, steamy performance by the Cheerios (which Sue thinks it was a crap). The cheerios danced Katy Perry's "California Girls," and they were all in blue wig (just like Katy Perry's music video), and there were bicycles and fires even a sparking boobies ;).

Half-time performance
A local football championship game takes place and the "Thriller" mash-up is performed during the halftime show. Will and Coach Beiste plan to get the glee club and the Titans to work together and Sue does everything she can to make sure she clinches Nationals again.

Ian Brennan brought Pinoy pride once again on Glee.

There's this scene where Mr. Schu was encouranging the 2 groups to work together, he says about the Philippine's Cebu Prison Inmates (well, if you are a Filipino, you know exactly what I mean). And after I watched this episode, I went to youtube and watched the video again of the inmates, and there's tons of comments like "Watching it because of Glee and glad I found it! Great way to give a purpose to men in prison, I'd say." or "thumbs up if your watching this because of glee." It's freakin' awesome!! :)  watch cebu inmates dance to the "thriller"
Cebu Inmates
Can't wait for the next episode. Watch glee guys. It'll inspire you and make you laugh at the same time.

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