Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Time

Last month, I was so busy completing all the requirements I needed; like pictures, business attire, stockings, shoes, makeups, makeup brushes, printing my CV and cover letter. Why? It's because I'm applying in a position of Flight Attendant for a famous international airline!

When I was in gradeschool, I was the tallest of the class.  My classmates would tease me as "kapre" because of my height.  But for my ninang and my lola, they were envisioning something for me.  They originally wanted me to become a flight stewardess.  Back then, I really didn't care with my look, with my posture, with my girly manners.  I was like tomboy-ish, that's why I said no, I want to be an engineer. O diba? Lalaking lalaki.  Then I thought of being an architect, a graphic artist, a programmer, then I ended up being a NURSE.  I love being a nurse, actually. Maybe because it was a challenging job and I got to take care and interact with the patients -- and doctors.  Well, anyways..

I tried to take a shot of the recruiters, but failed
One day, as I was chatting with my former classmate in college, she told me about FA,  telling me stories like how did she get in, what were her preparations, and of course, SALARY! :)  So, I decided to give it a shot, it'll not harm me, right? :)

Open day. Sunday morning.  The event starts at 9 a.m. in the morning at a certain hotel here in Manila.  I woke up early and prepared early.  I had my make-up and hair done, my blouse ironed, my shoes shined, ate breakfast, and headed to the hotel.  Before I left, I prayed that hopefully, everything will be alright and I won't make any mistakes.  I was so nervous.  As I went in the hotel, I saw some beautiful, tall, and neat girls all dressed like me - business attire suites. All of them are so pretty that I felt intimidated, but I told myself not to because I need to have enough confidence for me to get this job.