Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay. So this would be first blog. I really don't want to create one because I think it be would such a waste of time writing stuff about anything and everything. But, here I am. Trying what it's like to be in a blogger world. I'm not a writer, but not that I hate writing. It's just that I want to be confined in my own solidary, simple world.

About me, well, I am Maria Paula Buencochillo. I'm usually called as "Pola", "Pau-Pau", "Marla."

I created this blog to express what I feel and thought on things, many things. May it be a place, food, fashion, politics, emotions, etc. anything.

I don't really intend to publish this but whoever may get to read this, pardon.. :)


Ann said...

Congrats girl! welcome to the blogosphere!!!

Marla said...

Thanks Ann! :) Hope that I can get as much followers as yours.. My blogs kinda boring.. :(

Anyways, thanks!! :)

april said...

Congrats! I followed you, hope you follow me back :)

Kikay Morena said...

Hi Marla! Welcome to blogging! Hope you enjoy it as I did! Thanks for following my site also :D

Marla said...

Thanks Joanne!!! :)

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